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About Us


Hello and Welcome to my website! :-)


I run mindful, flowing yoga classes in Kingston-Upon-Thames and its surrounding areas, including Teddington and Hampton.


The yoga classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners, drawing on three of the most popular styles of yoga, blended with energy and tai-chi forms, into an integrated and mindful practice.


We flow with the breath, through a sequence of seated, standing and inverted postures to end with a period in relaxation, to leave us feeling energised yet calm, grounded yet uplifted.


As we pay attention to our breath and make it our primary focus, synchronising movement to its individual rhythm, we may begin to experience a change in our mental state, making the practice a "moving meditation", conducive to allowing a certain stillness to emerge naturally from within. Becoming "present" in each pose, we may then begin to realise the meaning of the Sanskrit word "asana" (seat/posture), where the first syllable means "to be".



Flowing with the breath to transform from human "doings" to human "beings".



I look forward to meeting you and sharing my love of yoga with you!:-)

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