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"Practising yoga with Sanjive was something that I have not found with other yoga teachers - almost as if it were guided meditation or a spiritual healing course. His tranquil attitude makes everyone feel at home and everyone is able to work to the level they feel comfortable at. I would recommend very highly anyone considering to go along and be able to totally relax for a while from our busy lives." - Amber, Kingston.


" experience of your classes has been excellent. You are a very patient, professional and likeable teacher, irrespective of people's age or ability!" - Pauline, Teddington.


"Since practising yoga with Sanjive I've developed strength and suppleness and have felt confident to try postures I thought were beyond me. I've been pleasantly surprised by the progress I've made. The use of the breath throughout and varied relaxations at the end of class create a sense of wellbeing and joy. Thank you Sanjive." - Cath, Kingston.


"Yoga with Sanjive really is a complete workout for the mind, body and spirit. The focus on flowing with the breath has enabled me to deepen and enrich my practice both physically and mentally. And of course there is that wonderful sense of stillness at the end of each class. Thank you Sanjive!" - Sue, Hampton.


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